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Speech Therapy for Stuttering or Fluency            

Private practise speech therapy at Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

How would we work on stuttering or fluency online?

You sign into the online waiting room. Soon we are face to face over our computer screens. There are a variety of goals that we might be working on during the sessions (rate, breath control, light contacts, easy onsets, secondary behaviours etc.).  As an example, we might be working on strategies to start a word. We might be working on identifying words that you might be avoiding and practise fluency strategies to gain confidence using those words. A frequent problem that people do when they have difficulty with stuttering is that they may be thinking ahead while talking, thinking about which words to avoid or words to substitute. This can add a lot of demands to processing their message. Think of it as overloading your computer software system. Working on fluency strategies doesn't have to be frustrating. It can be an enjoyable experience. 

See the Rates tab above for price / cost per session. 

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