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Accent Reduction-

       (Alberta, Canada)

Freebie page.

This is not a therapy page. It may give you an idea if you might need help with vowel sounds.


Most likely you may know if other people are having trouble understanding you. They might be asking you to repeat what you just told them. One way to probe if you might be missing or substituting some vowel sounds is to read these words to a few different people who have English as their first language in Canada. Note-there is some variation between provinces. Choose people who don’t seem to have an accent. Ask them to circle vowels that don’t sound quite right. However, remember that the people you are checking in with are not trained speech-language pathologists. This probe is not to be used in place of a speech or language assessment. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) will listen to vowels, consonants, stress patterns, language skills and more. SLPs use other descriptors for vowels but to keep it simple we will call them “long” or “short” vowel sounds.


Listen for the long A vowel:

late         break        plane

aim          age

able         ape        steak

capable (2 syllable words may have more than one type of vowel on this list)


Short A vowel

bat    apple    appear     award     ant    anchor      ax      add     answer

Vancouver   last       example

Practical       gallons


Long U vowel:

boot    unicorn      use          usual  

unit       utensils      USA



Short U Vowel type of sound:

Oven    us    none    umbrella   hundred  underwear   some  

Under      brush 

Another short vowel:

Took, book, Look, bush  sugar    cook

Took   put


Long O Vowel:

November   old           told               only

over         own         oval      four    north

drove    forty


Short O vowel:

Wash   lodge   non-profit   October

otter   confident  popcorn  project

on    also    always    arm  ostrich  wash


Long E vowel:

eat   east      ear      earmuff    meet      three     speak

these    feel     lease


Short E vowel:

enough     elephant    letter   west

enter    air   eleven   September

area   arrow   elk   electric    ready

bed     pen   Edmonton   twelve

Long  I  Vowel:


eye    island   ice cream       ice       



Short I Vowel:

still     diploma     lift    this

live    kid    it    igloo         

bin      thin    sit               



3 other sounds: sort of a blend of 2 vowel sounds:

1.  Ointment, toy, boy

2.  high, cry, bye (see long I vowel from above)

3   now, couch, thousand, south

A vowel with a bit of R:

Saturday, bird, learn, turn, thirteen

The SLP will also check to see which consonants may be difficult. 



The worksheet was created by Strive Online Speech  Language Therapy. It is to be used for educational purposes. Our worksheets hold no monetary value and are not for resale. All rights reserved.

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