Online Private Practice Speech Therapy- Grab a cup of coffee and turn on your computer. It's easy!
Why go out in the cold?
Try online from the comfort of your home. 

Why go out in the cold for one more appointment? Try speech therapy online with a speech pathologist from the comfort of your home. Instead of sitting across a table, you see each other directly, full face, on a computer screen. You log in to the online waiting room where the SLP will click on your name to start the session. You don't need to download a program or app to log in. 


Speech Therapy Private practice: Alberta 

Are there advantages? Yes. Online services may mean reduced payments for travel costs for private speech therapy.


Clients have commented that they like that they have a close up view of our SLP's face/lips. Others have mentioned that they like that they save time by not having to travel to an office. Voice recordings of the SLP and worksheets if applicable to the area of difficult are emailed to clients so they can continue to practise from work or home between sessions. Voice recordings can provide the SLP's model or instructions for certain sounds to then listen to on your computer or phone to enhance practise between sessions.


Some adults at work have completed sessions during their lunch hour. At other times, employers have allowed them to close their door and complete sessions at work. There is some availability for evening sessions as well. 


Strive's SLP tries to organize time so that clients can hopefully start within a week or two of faxing their consent form. We know long wait lists can be frustrating for people. Client satisfaction is the priority. 

What equipment is required?

High speed Internet and your computer or tablet device. At least an upload speed of 2 and a download of 9 seems to work best. It usually works well from homes. In schools or work environments you might have great speeds but if there are too many users taking up the bandwidth it might turn off suddenly. In that case there might need to be a dedicated Internet in the school just for speech. I don't know how well hotspots work. Once people try that and let me know I will know more. 

Allow extra time for your first session and have a back up system if possible (i.e., even your phone may work). You might also need to turn off other WIFI devices in your home if they are slowing down your connection. 

Some computers are better than others for videoconferencing. Try your devices out ahead of time using FaceTime or Skype to see which one works the best. Use your newest computer device. Some people use a phone as it often works very well (for adults) maybe because these are often newer devices. The screen would be too small for children. Make sure your device has the latest update. I found people using older devices such as 2009 device had poorer video quality. A Mac or Chromebook might be set up well for video sessions so if you have more than one device check it out ahead of time with another videoconference type of program if you can. 


Note: As with any Internet package or cell phone plan, if you exceed your usage, any use beyond that generates extra costs. Most providers allow you to view your usage throughout the month. If you exceed your usage, your Internet might also slow down too much.