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Strive Online (telepractice) Speech-Language Therapy offers private practice online speech therapy in Alberta
Speech-Language Pathologist (speech therapist), Shelley Little began working with clients in 1986 and has experience with a variety of speech and language difficulties/disorders in working with speech/language clients.
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Strive Online Speech and Language Therapy is operated by speech-language pathologist (SLP), Shelley Little (M.Sc.). Shelley is a registered member with a practice permit from ACSLPA.


There are many advantages to online (using computers) speech-language therapy:

  • Convenience: Clients do not need to travel. They might be participating from their home, school, work setting, senior's setting, or holiday using high speed WIFI and their laptop/computer/iPad.

  • No travel may mean reduced time/costs as you are not paying the travel time for an SLP to travel to you.

  • In some cases it may be less stressful when clients can work from their familiar home, school, or office setting. You may use a PC or Mac device.


We only see residents from Alberta. The practice permit through ACSLPA is for Alberta. 


This is a private practice (session fees). Currently we are offering services online via a video chat system. Information will be provided to you to enter the online waiting room where you enter a password. Then our staff view your presence and start the session. If your Internet slows we may decide jointly which back up method is best to continue (reschedule, continuing with a phone connection, etc.). Internet speeds of at least 9 (down)  and 2 (up) may be needed.


All sessions occur online. No travel is required for the SLP or the client. This SLP works exclusively online.


Who might benefit from speech and or language sessions? 


                      ADULTS                                      PARENTS             CHILDREN
























If the child is younger, our sessions may involve using real photographs, real objects (held/moved around by the SLP), and functional activities for the younger client. Many of the homework sheets are created by Shelley Little and are often photos of real objects to facilitate generalization to the world around us. We may create voice recordings of Shelley to send to you if you may benefit from hearing specific models. 

Data collection and observations and probing for functional skills is used to determine steps and progress in learning speech and language skills. Language tests which focus on percentiles are not administered. A formal assessment listing percentiles does not need to be completed to access Strive's services. However, some organizations need formal assessments (listing percentiles) to specify the amount of delay for Alberta Education Funding, which is not provided over this online practice. Those tests sometimes require children to pick test objects which isn't feasible over a computer.


If you have medical insurance through work or a private plan, (i.e, Sun Life, Blue Cross, Great West Insurance, Manulife or other), check to see what is required for your reimbursement. Most just seem to require a receipt with our speech-language pathologist's practice permit number on it, but you should check to see what is required.


Some employers may also have flex plans for some expenses.


In addition, if you plan on using your receipts for a partial refund for taxes, please check to see if there is a minimum total amount of medical expenses required before a partial refund is given. 


It is this SLP's understanding that the government program, Alberta Health Care Insurance, does not cover costs for private practice speech and language therapy. If applicants have an additional health insurance plan, they may choose to review their policies. There might be a set amount they may be approved to be refunded from their insurance providers for private practice speech and language therapy.  


This is a private pratice service with fees. It is not a government-funded service. Families are advised that they may be able to access free speech and language services through government funded agencies. Check to see if you are eligible to obtain free services at other places (e.g., school, hospital, Health Care Centre, nonprofit organization, organizations who provided services for preK or access PUF funding in preschool to ECS years). 


Some organizations may provide an assessment or screening and then clients may be placed on a waiting list. At other times schools prioritize which children receive service that year. Don't assume filling out an application form ensures timely therapy. Ask questions. Online services may be a good option while you are on a waiting list, if you can not access free services, if you can not travel to service locations, or if you need additional speech therapy. 


See the Disclaimer button at the top of this page for legal and disclaimer information for Strive Online Speech and Language Therapy. 


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Adults who did not have access to speech therapy as a child, may want to acquire a speech sound from the comfort of their own home. 

Adults with a strong accent who are frustrated with others asking them to repeat information (Accent Reduction).

Adults who want to work on stuttering can do this from the comfort of their home or work setting. 

Business people:

If you speak English but others are having difficulty understanding you because of your accent, you may benefit from speech or language activities. We have the ability to customize and focus specifically on your speech sound or language needs.

Parents may want coaching on how to stimulate their baby's/child's/student's speech or language skills. 

Parents of older children may want help on how to use visual supports with their child with Autism or developmental disabilities. 

Students may want to improve their speech or language skills from the comfort of their own home or possibly within their school setting. 

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Strive Oline Speech Language Therapy

Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

 Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

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