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Private practice speech therapy is a fee for service practice.

Strive Online Speech Language Therapy is a private practice for people living in Alberta. 

-See the Rates tab at the top for costs. You can verify the speech pathologist has a license to practice by going to ACSLPA (Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists).

-Check your work benefit medical insurance to see if you have benefits that may cover some speech therapy.

Possible reasons people look for private practice speech therapy:

1. If people were unable to find services through government services at schools, hospitals or health units, possibly due to higher priority clients being seen for services during the school year. At times it might be a struggle for government services to provide timely services when so many are referred or needing services.

2. People wanted to get started while on a long waiting list for services at schools, hospitals or health units.

3. People wanted to have the added services of using their workplace medical insurance benefit plan amount while also receiving some services at a school, hospital or health unit.

4. People were unable to find services near their location.

5. If transportation to a physical location was difficult or challenging and they wanted to receive services from their home online using their computer or device.

6. If there were other barriers to receiving services (health, anxiety) and they were seeking online speech therapy as their preferred method.

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