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Cost for speech therapy (rates) by a speech-language pathologist.

(Speech therapy/ articulation, speech sounds, stuttering, accent reduction, language, tongue thrust, and more).


Receipts with Shelley Little's ACSLPA license number are provided. Some people explore if they have a company insurance program (i.e., SunLife, Manulife, Great West Life, Blue Cross) to seek reimbursement up to a set amount (i.e., it might be 500 per year). There isn't direct billing. You would need to submit your receipts. People often tell me that they are reimbursed in 3 or 4 days but if you are uncertain, please check with your insurance company. Call or check with your insurance provider if you are uncertain about reimbursement or coverage for speech therapy. Other people who do not have a medical insurance plan may submit their receipts under medical expenses at tax time. Please be advised to explore if you need a minimum amount of medical expenses to be eligible for a tax refund and what portion it would be.

If coverage is minimal, it can be advantageous to spread out a typical reimbursement plan of 6 or 7 sessions by scheduling them every 2 or 3 weeks. This will give you lots of time to practise in between sessions. 


Payment can be made 1 or 2 days before each session. 

Cost for speech therapy:


SLP direct therapy or supervision sessions at $75 per half hour direct treatment online session.

If you need a written report or a more extensive goal or treatment summary report (i.e., type of report often requested by schools) , the cost is $95 per report. In addition, since sessions are online, you are not charged for travel time.  You can pay for one session at a time and discontinue after any session.

Some people choose to have a 60 minute session for their first visit ($150) to allow for observation/informal assessment as well as to get started on therapy goals. Others prefer a 30 minute session to start on a goal along with some informal assessment that is spread out across a few treatment sessions. 

Strive doesn't want individuals to feel any pressure to continue for further months unless it is something you want. We fully understand that famiy situations, finances, or wants/needs can change over time. 


4. Worksheets and voice recordings may be sent and those are provided at no extra cost. 


Strive tries to base costs similar to other rehabilitation therapists

(i.e. physiotherapist, occupational therapist). 

Please see the Session Cancellation Policy near the end of this document.


Cancellation Policy


Strive cancellation: If the professional at Strive needs to cancel, you will be contacted to reschedule. The session will be rescheduled rather than reimbursed financially.

Client cancelling:

1. 2 hours notice: Keep in mind that even on a holiday you may be able to access high speed WIFI. If the client/guardian/school gives 2 hours notice, we will work with you to schedule an alternate time. Please note that rescheduling is challenging and is not recommended. In addition it is typically lost time as we can’t add a client into a treatment block for 1 session. Text your Strive professional. Make sure you receive confirmation that your text was received. 

2. Less than 2 hours notice: If the client cancels with less than 2 hours notice the session can be taken by school staff, guardian or spouse to ask questions/coaching/gain information. You may also choose to use the time by requesting the SLP make specific visual picture strips, special client specific worksheets, or social stories to be created for the client. The session will not be rescheduled or reimbursed. If it is a school setting, the school may be able to switch other current Strive clients to use the session time.

3. No show, no notice: The session will not be rescheduled, reimbursed, or used to create extra materials for the client. 


Some precautions regarding payment: 


If you are ever suspicious that someone else is calling you pretending to be from Stive, indicate you will be phoning the site directly and discontinue the call. If it turns out to be us, our feelings will not be hurt. Phone directly to 403 350 0345. I suppose it may be possible for people to attempt a scam by replicating a phone number to call others from Apps. If you continue to be suspicious, you  may call the house number 403 227 5132. 


For people who pay by cheque, only send payment to the address 1062, Twp. Rd. 364, Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0H5. We would not change the address without updating this website. In terms of scams, please be advised that the SLP has been at this location since 1986 and it is highly unlikely we would ever change the location. 


We do not ask for your confidential payment information from a telephone call or email


We won't call or email to ask you to provide confidential bank account number information or credit card/debit card numbers.


When signing up for speech/language sessions, we will send you a client consent form which you can mail or fax to us at the number listed above and on our website. We don’t want any of your personal identification information (birthdate etc.) to be given by email or phone. Some people decide to assume email risks and send it that way. If you chose to do that please leave any confidential information blank (example- birth year/month) and you can tell the speech therapist those directly during a session. 


I have been told that online banking may be safer from your own home rather than a public WIFI. Education is always good.


Please read the Disclaimer page on this website for other information.



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