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Strive Online (telepractice) Speech-Language Therapy

About us:

Shelley Little is a licensed speech-language pathologist in the province of Alberta, Canada. She earned her Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Alberta. You can easily go to the ACSLPA website to see that she is registered. She works exclusively online.

She provides online speech therapy ANYWHERE IN ALBERTA for all ages. She is PASSIONATE about ACCENT REDUCTION but also works in a variety of other areas. Before emailing to ask about rates, please first see the RATES tab this website. She began working as an SLP 30+ years ago. It’s easy to sign into her waiting room -no need to download an app. Since she doesn't have an additional job with Alberta Health, She is often able to see clients within a week or 2.


She has worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 25 years. She enjoys life with her husband and children in the province of Alberta in Canada.

Strive offers online speech therapy services (i.e., sounds, language, accent reduction, stuttering and more) any place in Alberta with high speed internet using computers (Edmonton, Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Lethbridge, etc.). This allows you to access speech therapy from the convenience and comfort of you home, school, or work setting. 


Instead of sitting across a table from one another, you will be face to face across a computer screen. Shelley finds that online sessions work very well for speech and language therapy.

Private practise speech therapy at Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions:



Note: In Canada, the term speech-language pathologist is used. In some other countries, the term speech language therapist might be used. 


If a school has their own assistants in place and needs supervision from an SLP, this is also an option. 


If you have a specific request for speech therapy services, feel free to contact us.


How do I arrange for online speech language therapy?

You may phone us or use the Contact Us button to go to the page to send an email.  In your email, do not provide personal identification information such as birthdate, AHC, a medical insurance plan, reports or payment information. If at a later date, you want to send a prior report, you can ask me how to make it password protected.  


If you have not heard back within 3 business days, please email again or call to make sure it came through. Also check your Spam email to see if my reply ended up there. A few people told me that the consent form opened on their desktop but not on their phone. 


Do you only see clients from Alberta? Yes.

There are often strict regulations and high costs to acquiring practice permits in the United States and most Canadian provinces. People from the United States are encouraged to seek services in the USA. 



Will you be using the clients name in emails for homework? 

Email is not typically encrypted. Even if agencies have email encrypted while it is traveling to a client, once it is in an inbox, it can be read to whoever gains access. Consequently, if you are selected for a treatment block we may send your homework under the title: This is the homework: ....    If there are multiple clients for an email you can let us know what to use instead of the full name. If it is a school system receiving homework, again a code can be used. For example, the emailed homework might read as: Client AB1 can complete the following homework. If you are uncomfortable with confidentiality of using email and are not willing to be responsible for any possible risks that technology can not be guaranteed to be 100 secure, we can provide other options (faxing/mailing).