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                                       Speech-Language Pathologist, Shelley Little                                                                                                                                           

Strive-online-Speech therapy-Speech therapist-Alberta-5
Strive-online-Speech therapy-Speech therapist-Alberta-5

Strive Online Speech Language Therapy Client

Strive Online Speech-Language Therapy (i.e., telepractice, telehealth, online therapy). Private practice for speech therapy.

Click on the "Contact Us" page to ask me a question or to contact me for a consent form to get started. If you have questions you may also call me (403 350 0345). Please leave a message. 

Click on the tab above that lists RATES (Typically $75 per session). Some people like to have sessions every 2 or 3 weeks so they can practise in between sessions, as work medical insurance reimbursement plans might only be an amount that may cover 6 or 7 sessions per year, depending on the plan. 

Who am I?


Speech-Language Pathologist: Shelley Little, M. Sc.:

Shelley began working as a speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) in 1986. While she has worked with a variety of speech and language disorders and difficulties across all age groups, she is particularly passionate about working with clients who need help learning the tongue/lip movements (speech sounds) and language skills for accent reduction. Some clients even ask for permission from their employer to sign in for sessions from work. An example for a session might be focusing on learning placement for a specific vowel or consonant sound, a grammatical difficulty, or later on in the process, using functional activities, such as reviewing work presentations for speech sounds, grammar, and stress patterns.


For clients looking for help for speech sounds, language skills, or stuttering, online seems to work well also. 

Shelley works exclusively online. 

This service is exclusively online, face to face, over a computer or other device. You can log into the online waiting room and when it's time for the session the SLP clicks on your name to start the session. You don't need to download anything. The SLP will find you in the waiting room and start the session. Instead of sitting across a table, you see each other directly, full face, on a computer screen. After the session the SLP may send you worksheets or voice recordings of the SLP's voice to help you practise between sessions. 


Practice permit through: ACSLPA (Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists). You can go to that site to verify this. 


Available for private practice speech therapy for people living in Alberta.   

I work daytime and evenings.  

Who do I work with: 

Most of Strive's clients are ages 5 to 75. A frequent question is if Strive Online sees ADULTS. Yes, the SLP works with adults as well as children. 


Strive online services are provided in English for the following areas:

  • Accent reduction: Sounds, language skills, or stress patterns may be chosen for each client to work toward improving intelligibility.

  • Language skills (spoken language)

  • Receptive language skills (understanding)

  • Speech sounds/articulation (clarity of speech)

  • Dysfluency (Stuttering)

  • Speech/language coaching for parents/legal guardians of preschool children. However, if families of preschool children can find in home/office services, that might be beneficial or a first choice, rather than online. See ASAPP for a list of SLPs in your area.

  • If a client has a strong frontal (tongue too far forward) pattern for speech sounds and also has a forward swallow pattern (tongue thrust), it may be beneficial to work on both of these areas. 

  • If you have concerns in the area of voice, please check with your nearest larger hospital outpatients department or rehabilitation department to see if they offer services in this area. They may have access to equipment and an SLP who specializes in this area. 

  • If you have had a stroke, and your understanding/comprehension is significantly impaired, it might be best for that work to be best done in person (you might need to be pointing to/holding objects). Check with your hospital outpatients department or rehabilitation department to see if they offer services. If understanding or comprehension is good and you need assistance with articulation (sounds), slurred speech, or basic word recall, then an online service may be beneficial. 

Functional observations of sounds, words, conversations, or language samples may be used to determine goals. If clients need an assessment with tests that list percentiles to qualify for certain preschool programs, (those test booklets/test objects are typically administered in person rather than online which might involve the client pointing to the test object/picture), then see ASAPP for a list of speech-language pathologists who offer in home or office services or check with your local health unit. 

This is a private practice offering online speech therapy (i.e., sounds, language, accent reduction) for Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Airdrie, Lethbridge, or any place with high speed internet across Alberta using computers. Are you looking for a private practice speech pathologist (therapist)? The advancements in technology allow you to have speech therapy or accent reduction from the convenience and comfort of your home, school, or work setting. We also offer convenience by scheduling sessions that work for clients- daytime, your lunch break, or evenings.


Speech therapist professional affiliations:

ACSLPA (Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists) -registered.

On this website you can type in a name to confirm that a speech-language pathologist is registered/licensed. 


Alberta speech-Language Association of Private Practitioners (ASAPP)


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   Strive Online Speech Language Therapy

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